Use of Accounts

The McDaniel 1Card enables students to access three separate accounts: McDaniel Bucks, McDaniel Bucks 50, and Meal Plan. Each account must be funded prior to use and has unique rules for acceptance and the roll over of funds (see the summary chart below).

McDaniel Bucks

McDaniel Bucks is a prepaid spending account offering a safe and convenient way to make purchases both on campus and off campus. It is designed to eliminate the need to carry cash or other cards. You or your parents must make a deposit to McDaniel Bucks prior to using it for purchases. Value in McDaniel Bucks rolls over every semester and year for as long as you are a member of the McDaniel College Community.

Meal Plan

All students are entitled to purchase a meal plan which allows you meal access at the Englar Dining Hall plus McDaniel Bucks 50. Meal plans must be used before the last day of the semester and do not roll over.

Locations How it Works Roll Over
McDaniel Bucks On and Off Campus Businesses Amount of purchase price deducted from student/family contribution. Rolls over from semester-to-semester and year- to-year.
McDaniel Bucks 50 On and Off Campus Businesses Initial $50 dollars allocated to students that apply for a meal plan. $50 dollars is placed in a separate account “McDaniel Bucks 50”. *If a student stops their meal plan, the $50 dollars in the “McDaniel Bucks 50” account will be suspended and is unavailable to the student. Does not carry forward.
Meal Plan Englar Dining Hall Meal Access for Resident Students. One meal plan or meal equivalent deducted. Valid during the current semester in which it is purchased.