How To Add Value

When adding value online or using other account center features, your ID# must be 7 digits in length. If the ID# printed on your card is less than 7 digits, add one or more 0’s (zero) to the front of it to make it 7 digits in length.


One Time Deposit »

No log in required. Perfect for those who want to give money to a student!

Login and Add Value »

Once registered, log in to add value or create an auto reload schedule.

MasterCard, Visa and Discover accepted *

Guest User Accounts

Guest User accounts allow the McDaniel 1Card users the ability to grant account access to another individual, usually a parent, so value can easily be added to a McDaniel Bucks account. Cardholders select the level of guest account access privileges during set up. Click here for Step-by-Step Instructions.

When logging into your account or using our Quick Add Value feature, please use Internet Explorer 11 or newer, or an up to date version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Sample Budget

How much should I add? Our budget chart makes it easy to calculate.

Typical Semester Expenditures
Textbooks & Supplies $500 – $1,200
Food/Snacks & Services $300 – $500
Copy & Print Services $100
Total $900 – $1,800

This sample budget is only a guide. Choose the depositing level that is right for you and your family.

Set up a budget of $450 a month using the Auto Reload feature and your student will be set for the semester.