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Your McDaniel 1Card and McDaneil Bucks account work with Grubhub and you can now enjoy delivery from all your favorite off-campus restaurants.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download the Grubhub app
  2. (Apple App Store) (Google Play)
  3. Add your university affiliation by going to My Grubhub > Settings > Campus Dining > Enter your 16-digit McDaniel Bucks number (found on the front of your card) and your McDaniel email address
  4. erify your account with your McDaniel email address
  5. Order and enjoy delivery


Where can I use McDaniel Bucks on Grubhub?

You’ll have access to any restaurant on the nationwide Grubhub network. This includes many merchants in your local area, as well as the 300k+ merchants on the Grubhub network nationwide. This means you can enjoy ordering with McDaniel Bucks on Grubhub not just around campus but wherever you are! You can edit your location in the Restaurants tab.

Why should I use McDaniel Bucks on Grubhub?

Once you add your campus card and McDaniel Bucks account (see above for ‘how to get started’) you will receive a free year of Grubhub Plus subscription service1, so your money goes further with free delivery fees and other benefits. Once you add your campus card yout Grubhub+ Student membership is activated.

Will I be charged a delivery fee?

Not for Grubhub Plus restaurants. By adding your campus card and McDaniel Bucks to your Grubhub account, you are eligible to receive a free year of Grubhub Plus subscription service1 at Grubhub+ restaurants. Even if you use a different payment method than your campus card and McDaniel Bucks, your Grubhub account is still eligible for Grubhub+ membership. Free delivery restaurants will have GH+ by their names. You can filter your search for eligible restaurants only. All other fees (service fees, etc.) are still charged as shown when you place a Grubhub order.

Are there any restrictions on what I can order with Grubhub when I use my campus card and McDaniel Bucks to pay?

As per existing campus card policy, McDaniel Bucks is not permitted to be spent on alcohol. If you add alcohol to a Grubhub order, McDaniel Bucks will automatically be removed as an available payment option. Even if you are over 21 years of age, the Grubhub app will not allow you to purchase alcohol if you’re placing an order with your campus card and McDaniel Bucks.

What happens if I don’t have enough money in my McDaniel Bucks account?

Your Grubhub order would not process. You can deposit more money on your campus card and McDaniel Bucks by clicking here or using the ‘Quick Add Value’ button on the McDaniel 1Card homepage. Your family and friends can also make online deposits to your McDaniel Bucks account by using that option as well.

Helpful tip! Register for Web Account access to check and manage your McDaniel 1Card and McDaniel Bucks account in the Cardholder Account Center.

Is tip included in my Grubhub order?

Like any other Grubhub order you can decide how much you want to tip. The app gives you the option to adjust the tip from the suggested percentage to another suggested percentage or a custom tip amount. Your order will process in one transaction on your campus card so you will see the total for your order, fees, applicable tax and tip amount (as selected) processed in one total amount.

If I have a problem with my Grubhub delivery or order who do I contact?

If there is an issue with your Grubhub delivery or order, please contact Grubhub Support directly from the app. Go to Settings > (scroll down to the Support section) > Support/Help

1Grubhub Plus membership subscription service eligibility for university members. Terms apply. Learn more about Grubhub+: